sprint back to school


Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Co-Chairman, Partner: Rich Silverstein
Creative Director: Franklin Tipton
Group Creative Director, Associate Partner: Christian Haas
Group Creative Director: Paul Stechschulte
Art Directors: Antonio Marcato (“Back to School”) Croix Gagnon (“Value”) Jack Woodworth (“Race Day”, “Moving”)
Writer: Will Elliott (“Back to School”), Nathaniel Lawlor (“Value”), Steve Payonzeck (“Race Day”, “Moving”)
Producers: Rob Sondik (“Back to School,” “Race Day”, “Moving”), Jennie Lindstrom (“Value”) Brandon Romer (“Race Day”, “Moving”)
Executive Producer: Josh Reynolds
Head of Broadcast Production: Cindy Fluitt

Live Action Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director of Live Action: Andrew Douglas
Executive Producer: Dave Morrison
Producer: Aris McGarry
Director of Photography: Flor Collins
Production Designer: Carolyn Pershing

Design/Animation/Visual Effects Production Company: Superfad
Executive Producer: Kevin Batten
Creative Director: Justin Leibow
Creative Director: Kevin Lau (“Value” & “Back to School’)
Producers: Rachel Kaminek & Danielle Hazan
Art Director: Will Johnson
Senior Art Directors / Concept – David Viau & Carlos Stevens
Editor: Charles Jensen “Race Day,” “Back to School,” “Moving”), Jason Webb (“Value”)
Flame: Phil Man (“Value,” “Moving,”) Time Bird & Joana Cruz, (“Race Day”)
Other: Flame: Claus Hansen/Method “Back to School”
Music & Sound Design: Human
Final Mix: Lime